About Us

B2 Kapital S.r.l. is part of B2Holding ASA, a public company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

The headquarters of 650 square meters is located in Rome, with an integrated call center area; currently, the team consists of 40 FTEs with a forecast of 50 FTEs by the Q4/2019. As our founder, we put a special emphasis on improving the liquidity of our clients by purchasing of overdue claims. Thanks to the international experience of the Group B2Holding, as well as expertise, experience and professionalism of our employees, we ensure maximum speed and efficiency in operations to the satisfaction of all actors involved in financial operations. Currently, B2K has purchased many secured and unsecured portfolios in Italy from primary banking groups.

The operational structure of B2 Kapital S.r.l. is organized in 3 main collection departments (Unsecured, Secured and Legal) with strong expertise coming from professionals and experiences in the market. B2K based its operations on internal platforms and primary level external sub-servicers and law firms.

The sub-servicers are selected in a rigorous manner from B2K for their skills, competences and project management expertise. Also compliance and reputation are key elements choosing our services.
B2 Kapital S.r.l. provides genuine debt collection solutions. Our business partners can rely on our solid and credible industry experience and trust that we strive towards best and reliable practices in all our activities.


Company Name: B2 Kapital S.r.l.

Via Mario Bianchini 60, 00142 Rome, Italy

Working hours:
Monday – Friday: 09.00h-18.00h;

Contact phone:
+39 06 94500117


Equity € 200.000

VAT Number and CF IT14189581003

REA RM 1504131
C.C.I.A.A. Roma
PEC b2kapitalsrl@pec.it

Board of directors / Management

Chairman of the Board of Directors

George Christoforou

Managing Director

Marco Franceschetti

Board member

Maria Haddad Sánchez de Cueto

Board member

Rasmus Michael Hansson

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B2 Kapital S.r.l. - Via Mario Bianchini 60, 00142 Roma
Capitale Sociale € 200.000 - P.IVA 15421161009
Cod. Fisc. 14189581003 - REA RM 1504131
C.C.I.A.A. Roma - PEC b2kapitalsrl@pec.it